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my hubby n I met the Dawson's hot sauce at a hot sauce expo, they got my other half to try every sample they had. ever since then we are both HOOKED. I was never huge on hot sauce but I love the jalapeno and garlic sauce 😋. you guys rock! keep up the great work.


I have devoured a bottle of this in no time at all! I love a little spice but nothing crazy and this has just the right amount of kick and is so delicious! I mostly eat it with chicken and I can just never seem to get enough of it!


Absolutely my favorite. Heat level is perfect - packs a little punch but does not detract from the amazing flavor. Highly recommend!


This hot sauce has so much flavour and the heat doesn't linger for too long. This is the hot sauce you put on the table when friends or family come by for dinner. It's delicious


I'm not a bot or being paid by anyone. This is probably the best hot sauce I ever had. I really respect Dawson's and hope you enjoy it like I have.