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Dawson's Hot Sauce is a family owned/operated company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We pride ourselves in offering unique, high quality sauces with the right balance of heat and flavour. Since 2013, founder Brodie Dawson has been crafting our award winning sauces with the family name behind him. Join the Dawson family today and make our sauce the new staple in your household!


Bruce came on board with Dawson's right from the start. With a passion for french cooking and his overall worldly pallet, Bruce has been integral in the building process as we make new and challenging sauces. Being Brodie's father, Bruce has a direct connection with how Brodie grew up and was introduced to spicy food from all over the globe. Bruce has been able to help in the kitchen as well as manage our sales and accounts during the years.


Brodie Dawson started making sauces in 2010 as a hobbyist. After his venture with music came to an end he decided to stay in the creative field and focus on one of his other passions, hot sauce! Since then he's been able to put out nine sauces to the Dawson's main line, as well as countless other private label projects and joint ventures.

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435 Barton St E,
Hamilton, ON

Wed - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

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